About Us


MatchPlace was founded by three financial industry professionals who held leadership roles in technology and corporate banking at global investment banks, providing complex transaction services to global corporates. Working in this area led to insight on the imbalance of services due to banks’ focus on recurring and large corporates and increasing regulatory pressures since the financial crisis. Small and Medium Enterprises in Europe are not properly serviced by traditional financial services firms especially in services relating to FX and payments.
MatchPlace was founded to service the needs of the Small and Medium Businesses market and develop an alternative cost-effective model that offers a wide range of financial products and services by harnessing new technologies. MatchPlace aggregates fintech and classic financial providers’ solutions via one platform to distribute to customers.
MatchPlaceFX is the brand name of the FX and Payments Services offering.
MatchplaceFX is using an award winning platform platform to provide an access to liquidity providers offering a more competitive price, to execute FX transactions, or to make payments .